Who is Fortune.my?

Our brand speaks for itself. We are all about fortune and wealth for everyone. Our records date back to more than 20 years where we were among the earliest adopters of digital advertising and business.

Where are we from?

We are based in Melbourne, Australia. We are in the know when it comes to all forms of investments. We have been in the money markets for the longest time. We live and breathe investments, whether it is Forex, Blockchains or any others.

Moving with the times

As the digital revolution comes around, we have been growing along. We have been there when investments started moving into the digital platforms and we are here in the age of blockchains.

We love how it is changing the world and its potential. We are excited to find out how the future will be and its role in the financial markets.

Digitizing finance and investments

As advocates and pioneers in the digital markets, we have been strong believers in the power of the internet since 1998. From conventional businesses, we have moved into the digital platforms including all forms of advertising online and outdoor.

We have also ventured into finance and that is where our expertise comes into play. With our expertise and knowledge, we have harnessed the power of the internet to bring its benefits to our affiliates.

Our success, your benefits

We are the owners and operators of Advertising.com.my, one of the leading full-service digital advertising platforms. When we started, it was a humble setup. Today, we have over 2 million page impressions every month.

Since entering this market, we have been hugely successful, having embarked on countless campaigns and partnerships. This success will serve you well as it means we know how the internet really works, getting deep into the alleys and corners.

Easy access and effective

Everything you ever needed in financial investments is right here at your fingertips. From A to Z, our knowledge is comprehensive and crucial for your investments. What we bring to you is unprecedented and we dare to say, no one else can offer.

From advertising, now to finance

Besides advertising, we are leaders in other businesses and fields. What we have done is we have ventured into carefully calculated investments and the returns have been highly successful. Today, we bring our experience to the table and to you especially when it comes to blockchains and finance.

Working with the best

If you are planning to or are already in any form of money market, then you have come to the right people. We aim to offer you the right advice and tools that will help your money grow. Whether it is an idea or an investment engine, we want to hear you out.

From the conventional methods of long-term investments to the current and contemporary like blockchains, we have the means, the expertise and the knowledge. Because we are specialists.

Networking on Fortune.my

Fortune.my is your go-to place for business social networking. This is the place for people to collaborate and to share business resources through learning and best practices. You can network and explore new opportunities as well as create business-related content for everyone.

Use the resources and connections here to your advantage, building your business as you progress. There are tools and applications that help to connect you with new customers and partners in the community.

Networking and socializing are important in any business. Whether you are connecting with partners or customers, these are crucial efforts that will make or break your business. The more people you know, the better it is. Fortune.my is your ideal platform to do this because it has all the features you need.

Be a part of a Business Interest Community

One of the very effective methods in expanding your business influence is to join a group with similar business interests. This is where you get to connect with business people or entrepreneurs who might be experiencing what you are going through.

Through Fortune.my, you can now easily do this and be part of a group where you can participate in group discussions and discuss related issues. Browse through or search a group that interests you, join them and start connecting straightaway. At our Business Interest Community segment, you can also:

Creating your own resources

Besides offering resources and valuable information for our members, Fortune.my also welcomes contributions of any kind that can help others. We believe that the community is all about sharing and that helpful information should be made available for everyone and anyone who needs it. You can:

Add-On Services on Fortune.my

Besides the features above, Fortune.my also provides many extra (Add-On) services for its members. As long as you are interested in growing your business and reaching out to more customers, there will be something for everyone.

Among the highlights of our Add-On section includes building your own Business Centre, support services and many more. When it comes to operating a business, there is no limit as to what you can do. All you need is some creativity, a lot of passion and the drive to succeed.